Big Ocean Dive Centre recently opened its doors to divers from across the world. We’re a well-established company with a full range of PADI certified courses and a team of a professionals to make your experience exciting, safe and memorable.


We hire only certified professional instructors with training experience to let you see all diving benefits and joy.


We help all applicants who would like to become certified divers and instructors to achieve the best results.


If you haven’t decided which course to take or what tour to book, you can use our full service list to choose.


We provide the best diving rental services, including professional courses with modern and secure gear.

Our History/Experience

We were born here in Zanzibar, as were our fathers and mothers. We have grown up on Zanzibar’s beaches, in and under its waters, discovering and coming to know its attractions, its secrets.

We’ve witnessed the growth of tourism over the last 35 years, and have seen hundreds of thousands of visitors fall in love with this magical island, and the archipelago of which it is part. It makes one feel special to know that where one lives is so appreciated by many the world over.

We’ve felt the effects of climate change, of heavier rains and hotter summers; of the warming of the seas. About this, we can we can and do play a part, being aware.

The growth in the local population, as well as that of tourism numbers strain the local resources. The most obvious signs are the increases in energy consumption as well as packaged goods, and therefore pollution, and especially plastics which often end up in the seas.

Big Ocean is committed to a ‘green’ way of operating, helping preserve our marine life, and keeping as low a carbon footprint as possible.

Big Ocean is owned and managed 100% by Zanzibaris. When you dive with us you contribute to keeping our oceans beautiful. We’ll share with you the best the island has to offer, help you identify and discover life under seas. Bringing that local and intimate knowledge together to share with others.

We ensure you dive the fun way and the right way!

Why Us?

  • A committed, ‘Green’, dive business.
  • Small groups - personal attention and maximum water time
  • Access to unspoiled dive sites on Zanzibar’s east coast
  • Learn to Dive in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Big Ocean is a premier PADI certified dive centre in Zanzibar.
  • We offer a more personalized diving experience.
  • Explore a unique natural spectacle filled with marine life.
  • High-quality and well-maintained dive equipment for underwater adventure.
  • Free Refresher courses if needed.
  • Safe & Well-equipped boats
  • Certified divers - first aid trained for diving

Our Team

Our amazing team provides our customers with remarkable experience with friendly service and unparalleled professionalism. We have a total of four full-time employees, which include Boat Captain, Dive Master, Dive Guide and Snorkeling Guide.

Big Ocean Dive Centre is equipped with all the things divers need and more. We know about diving Zanzibar and beyond!