Zanzibar Diving Sites for Best Marine Species

Zanzibar Diving Sites for Best Marine Species

Zanzibar Diving Sites for Best Marine Species

Zanzibar Diving Sites for Best Marine Species


A truly refreshing vacation calls for absolutely stunning beaches, clear blue waters and a soothing atmosphere. What better place than Zanzibar to get the relaxing vacation you need?

Diving in the Indian Ocean around Zanzibar Island is truly an exceptional experience. Beneath the surface of the water live exotic marine species and colorful reefs. Here are some wonderful diving sites where you can check out the best marine species that the Indian Ocean has to offer:


Hunga Reef

The Hunga Reef is in the North-western region of Zanzibar, and its depth ranges from 12 to 45 meters. It sports radiant corals and many other marine species such as nudibranchs, unicornfish, crocodile fish, and barracudas. Moreover, both beginners and experienced divers can explore Hunga. It’s no surprise that the reef is a popular diving spot!


Shane’s Reef

Shane’s Reef is another location in the North-western region (near Nungwi) of Zanzibar. This place is home to strong currents, which is why only experienced divers should visit it. Furthermore, the reef is host to a plethora of different species such as octopus, stingrays, scorpionfish, Indian Ocean Walkman, and ghost pipefish.



The Hammerhead is a name given to an undersea mountain near the Kizimkazi region of Zanzibar. This site gets its name from the large variety of big fishes seen here. Whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerhead sharks are commonly found in the area. However, strong currents prevail in this area, so only experienced divers should visit Hammerhead.


Dolphin Wall

The Kizimkazi region is famous because of its dolphin population and Dolphin Wall is one of those locations in Kizimkazi where dolphin sightings are common.


Ukombe Reef

Ukombe Reef is a popular diving site in Fumba. It is host to beautiful corals, which span over 5 nautical miles. The Amazon site is also part of Ukombe, and you can see damselfish, lionfish, marble moray eels, and occasionally, hawksbill, and green turtles at the reef. Since the reef isn’t that deep, both beginners and experienced divers can visit it.


Boribu Reef

The Boribu reef is located near Stone Town and it’s one of the best diving sites in Zanzibar. Different marine species like gorgonian fans, moray eels, and lobsters are commonly sighted at the Boribu Reef.


The Great Northern

The Great Northern was a British ship that self-sunk in 1903 and sits near the Pange sandbanks. It has now turned into a great diving site for all types of divers. Octopuses, glassfish, textured corals and many other species have no inhabited the shipwreck.


The great variety of locations in Zanzibar make it suitable for all types of divers. However, you should visit the diving sites between October and March, as April marks the start of the rainy season, which brings stronger currents. Check out the best time for diving and snorkeling in Zanzibar for more details.


So, what are you waiting for? Dive in the Indian Ocean around Zanzibar and explore the beauty of the underwater world yourself!