Zanzibar: A Magnificent Beach Destination in Tanzania

Zanzibar A Magnificent Beach Destination in Tanzania

Zanzibar A Magnificent Beach Destination in Tanzania

Zanzibar: A Magnificent Beach Destination in Tanzania


White, washed-out sand and warm, clear water are hallmarks of Zanzibar’s wonderful beaches! The pristine beaches have a lot more to offer than just their scenic beauty, which, I must say, is worth the visit! From scuba diving to kite surfing, you’ll find your activity of interest at the beach!


Here are some of the most beautiful and magnificent beaches in Zanzibar:

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi, located in the northern part of Zanzibar, is a popular beach destination in Tanzania. The white sand, crystal-clear water and colorful starfish that you’ll find along the shore are truly mesmerizing! Snorkeling and SCUBA diving activities are also available for those that want some adventure. In fact, Shane’s Reef is one of the most popular diving sites near Zanzibar. It’s located just a few km off the coast of Nungwi Beach. While the reef itself isn’t as huge as the surrounding ones, the marine creatures you get to see here will amaze you! Scorpionfish, leaf fish, seahorses, frogfish, nudibranchs, octopuses and stingrays are just a few of the many marine creatures you’ll get to see here!

However, the beach is often populated, especially during the peak season and the diving site is for experienced divers only.


Kendwa Beach

While the Nungwi Beach gets all the attention, the adjacent Kendwa Beach is a peaceful beach that’s not really populated. However, this means you can get the peaceful and relaxing escape that you want over here! Bathe under the sun, swim and relax at this beautiful and calm beach. You can also enjoy SCUBA diving over here.

The Haunted Wall is a popular dive site near Kendwa. You can spot batfish, leaf fish, nudibranchs, butterfly fish, moray eels, sting rays as well as angelfish. It’s a wonderful diving site and its depth ranges from 2m to 15 m, so beginners can also dive over here.


Kizimkazi Beach

This beach is located well away from the main tourist attractions of Zanzibar, so if you’re looking for a beach that’s laid-back and not populated, this should be your destination. It’s a pristine beach with white, washed-out sand being brushed by warm, crystal-clear water.

Moreover, you can also dive and get a chance to swim with the big fish of the ocean! The hammerhead is a pretty popular diving destination here where you can see a wide variety of sharks including white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

The dolphin wall is also a famous diving site here, where you can spot groupers, giant rays, as well as dolphins if you get lucky.


Paje Beach

The Paje beach is also a peaceful and calm beach where you can get some privacy as well. Dipping your feet in the water or even swimming in it is a calming and relaxing experience that you’ll never forget! Kitesurfing and diving are some of the water activities that are available at this beach.

The most famous diving sites over here include the cement wall where you can spot black tip sharks as well as the Big Cave where you can spot groupers, moray eels, lobsters, as well as other marine fish!


So, what are you waiting for? Head off to Zanzibar and enjoy diving and swimming at these wonderful beaches! It’s an experience that you’ll never forget!

You can also check out the Tanzania Scuba Diving Guide for more information on the diving sites!