Top 9 Diving Sites in Zanzibar

Top 9 Diving Sites in Zanzibar

Top 9 Diving Sites in Zanzibar

Top 9 Diving Sites in Zanzibar


The Zanzibar archipelago is considered as one of the best diving destinations in the world and with good reason. With water temperatures at between 240c and 290c, the excellent visibility and such an array of diving locations and marine life, it is easy to see why divers fall in love with the place.

Here are the top 10 diving sites in Zanzibar.

  1. Wattabommi

This dive site is located on Mnemba island. While the island is private, you can dive in is surrounding waters. Wattabommi is between 10m and 30 meters and divers can watch turtles, stingrays, moray eels and plenty of fish. It is ideal for both novice – up to 18 meters, and advanced divers.


  1. Big wall

Another dive site located in Mnemba island is the big wall. Due to its depth it is best suited for experienced divers. It starts form 20m all the way down to 60 meters. While it doesn’t have much coral, you can still observe dolphins, moray eels, eagle rays, and sometimes even whale sharks.


  1. Fundu

Fundu is only for the experienced diver. This coral begins quite shallow but goes down into the ocean. You will occasionally see manta rays.


  1. Leven Bank

Found north of Zanzibar, Leven bank is ideal for the experienced diver. Here there are strong currents and you can see barracuda, tuna, kingfish as well as moray eels among other big fish.


  1. Nankivelli

For a beginner and novice diver, one of the best sites in Zanzibar is Nankivelli. It features hard coral. It is a shallow diving site at just 12m and a good place for newcomers. You will find many kids and novice divers trying their hand at diving in this location.


  1. Manta point

Located in Pemba island, Manta point is known for its manta rays. The purple anemones make for a brilliant sighting and you can easily spot both eagle and devil rays.


  1. Kungui

This is situated in Kizimkazi in the south of Zanzibar. Dolphins are a frequent sight and the site offers plenty to see for beginners as well as experienced divers.


  1. Dindini

Dindini is an interesting rock which features caverns and an archway that has a lot of fish. From small nudibranchs to huge moray eels, you will find it all in Dindini.


  1. Boribu

You can reach this dive location from the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town. Here you will see barrel sponges, Georgian sea fans, as well as columnar corals. There are plenty of moray eels, boribu as well as pelagic fish. Sometimes you will spot the occasional whale shark as this gentle giant swims past you.