Ocean Paddle-boarding – All You Need to Know

Ocean Paddle-boarding - All You Need to Know

Ocean Paddle-boarding - All You Need to Know

Ocean Paddle-boarding – All You Need to Know


Are you looking for a fun and adventurous water sport? Well, you should try paddle-boarding!

Paddle-boarding is a derivative of surfing where the paddleboarder produces a propelling motion using their arms, or a paddle to move through the ocean’s waves. It provides for a relaxing body workout and is gaining popularity as a fun water sport.


Types of Paddle-boarding

  • Traditional Paddle-boarding

In the traditional paddle-boarding, you lie or kneel on the paddleboard. You use your arms to produce a butterfly swimming stroke and propel forward.


  • Stand-up Paddle-boarding

Stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is the more recent version of paddle-boarding, where you stand on your paddleboard and makes use of a paddle to move through the ocean’s currents.


Equipment Required for Paddle boarding


The price of a paddleboard can range anywhere from $400 to $4000. They are designed to be bulkier, and heavier, to provide maximum stability to the user. Paddleboards come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of both a beginner and a professional.



A paddle is made from wood, carbon or fiberglass. Make sure the paddleboard is at least 6-10 inches longer than your height!


Personal Flotation Device

To have an adventurous and entertaining paddle-boarding experience, you should always follow safety measures. Wear a life jacket or a flotation device at all times.


How can a Beginner Start Paddle-boarding?

One of the major benefits of paddle-boarding is that any person, irrespective of their age group, body type or skill level can enjoy this sport. All it requires is a paddleboard, paddle, and safety equipment!

Beginners should always choose calm waters for starting SUP. To stand on your paddleboard, you need to start in a kneeling position, and then slowly stand up while maintaining balance.

After standing up, you can move through the waters by stroking the paddle with different techniques, depending upon the direction you need to go in.


Tips for Paddle boarding

  • Bend your knees for proper stability
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and in a parallel direction
  • Hold the paddle with both hands: one on the shaft, and the other on the handle


Best Places for Paddle boarding in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water that allow for an exceptional paddle-boarding experience. On different beaches such as Paje, Nungwi, and Pwani, you can take part in different water sports, including SUP. You can also rent paddleboards if you don’t want to purchase one. Beginners can also hire SUP instructors on the spot! Sporting in Zanzibar is indeed a rewarding experience!


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