First Timer’s Scuba Diving Tips

First Timer’s Scuba Diving Tips

First Timer’s Scuba Diving Tips

First Timer’s Scuba Diving Tips


The underwater world is a mysterious and mystical place. Its beauty and its charm draw in SCUBA divers who have a passion for exploring the underwater world. Although quite interesting and adventurous, SCUBA diving is a serious water sport that requires skills, learning and practice!

Your first time SCUBA diving out in the open can be quite nerve-wracking for you, no matter how many times you’ve practiced in enclosed vessels during your practice sessions. Here are a few tips for SCUBA divers who are diving for the first time:


  1. Make sure you’re physically healthy before you head out to dive. After all, you don’t want sneezes or vomits to ruin your first diving experience, right? Make sure you’re not suffering from any sort of sickness that can affect your performance.


  1. Calm yourself down before diving in.

It’s normal to feel nervous and anxious the first time you’re going to dive. However, make sure you tell yourself that everything will be okay. You need to focus on the bright side of things because if you worry more than you should, your chancing of screwing up increase.


  1. Let your instructor know if you’re more nervous than usual.

It’s okay to show anxiousness or nervousness. Like I’ve stated earlier, it’s a quite normal sensation that everyone feels on their first dive. However, if you’re feeling way too anxious and can’t let go of the nervousness, you should let your instructor know so that they can calm you down.


  1. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

You might feel like you’re badgering your instructor with too many questions before your first dive, but that’s fine. You should ask as many questions as you want to feel comfortable on your first trip.


  1. It’s okay to breathe!

Don’t worry, your oxygen won’t run out. There’s something about breathing underwater that doesn’t feel right but tell yourself that you have an adequate supply of oxygen with you and that it’s okay to breathe. Your body needs a constant supply of oxygen for all your movements so breathing freely and as much as you need is important!


  1. Don’t panic and ascend too quickly.

It’s quite common for first-timer SCUBA divers to panic and then ascend quickly to reach the surface. However, whenever you feel like panicking, signal it to your instructor and dive buddies. Make sure that you rise slowly while making the necessary stops.


  1. Make sure you know each part of your SCUBA diving apparatus before you dive in.

Being familiar with the equipment you have is very important for beginners. You should know the function of the tiniest valves and equipment on your kit and you should be trained to use them as required. If you’re not familiar with the gear, make sure you ask the instructor everything you need to know before-hand.


  1. Don’t be overconfident!

Even if you’ve gained confidence by diving in enclosed vessels or areas, it’s a good idea not to be too overconfident when it comes to diving in open water!


So, what are you waiting for? Follow the tips listed above and enjoy your adrenaline-filled SCUBA diving experience!

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