Boat Cruise Ride in Zanzibar

Boat Cruise Ride in Zanzibar

Boat Cruise Ride in Zanzibar

Boat Cruise Ride in Zanzibar


There’s something about large bodies of water that is fascinating and engrossing. They have a soothing effect on the mind and leave the viewer overwhelmed with their magnificence. What’s more relaxing and peaceful than cruising through the serene waves and cool waters of the Indian Ocean?


A cruise ride is defined as sailing on a leisure ship or boat for pleasure and entertainment. It is offered both, as a roundtrip or a one-way sail. Recently, dhows – traditional sailing boats that have been around for centuries, usually with one mast – have gained prominence as a viable option for a cruise ride. This is because of the more natural experience that they provide.

Cruising has emerged as an important sector of the tourism industry in Zanzibar. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that its market accounts for $45 billion globally, with over 20 million passengers traveling each year.


The Best Places for a Cruise Ride in Zanzibar

With its scenic landscapes and beautiful coastlines, Zanzibar has become a popular attraction for tourists. Here are some popular locations you can visit to enjoy a cruise ride:



Fumba is in the southernmost west of Zanzibar, and directly overlooks the calm Menai Bay.


Stone Town

Stone Town is the most famous location in Zanzibar due to its historical architecture and is situated on the western coast of Zanzibar.


Kendwa Rocks

Kendwa Rocks are also located on the western side of Zanzibar and are home to one of the most beautiful beaches of East Africa.


Nungwi Beach

The Nungwi beach covers the tip of northern Zanzibar and offers pristine views for tourists.


The Cruising Experience

Most travelers prefer cruising on dhows, and depending on the type of tour, the cruise ride can range anywhere from a couple of hours to several days.

In addition to the mesmerizing waters, you can enjoy visits to the beautiful islands nearby. Moreover, you can snorkel in the deep blue waters, and enjoy tasty seafood barbecued fresh on your boat! Most rides also include a visit to conservation sites so you can also sight interesting marine animals like tortoises and dolphins!


Book a Cruise Ride

Safari Blue

Safari Blue offers one of the most comprehensive, and enthralling cruise rides. Starting from Ras Fumba, the full-day tour includes trips to Kwale Island and the mangrove lagoon. The Menai Bay is a dolphin sanctuary which makes a Safari Blue trip inclusive of dolphin sighting! The company also offers a private charter, which is suitable for honeymooners.


Zanzibar Yacht Charter

Based in Nungwi, Zanzibar Yacht Charter offers full-day, overnight, and several-day trips on their yachts. Their trips include exotic locations such as Mnemba Island, Tumbatu Island, Mafia Island, and Pemba Island.


So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a boat cruise ride in Zanzibar and see what the magnificent Indian Ocean has to offer! It’s an experience that you will never forget!


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