Amazing Dhow Sailing Experience in Zanzibar

Amazing Dhow Sailing Experience in Zanzibar

Amazing Dhow Sailing Experience in Zanzibar

Amazing Dhow Sailing Experience in Zanzibar


 Imagine sailing through crystal clear, warm waters with picturesque landscapes and the calm sound of water splashing against your boat. What a wonderful experience would it be, right?

If you’re looking for such a trip which can both, soothe and entertain you, Zanzibar’s dhow sailing promises it all, and much more.


What is Dhow Sailing?

Dhow sailing is a type of cruise riding where you can sail on a particular style, centuries old traditional sail boats, which are usually made up of wood. Attached to them are one or more masts. Traditional dhow boats have been around for centuries now, and they give you an exceptional water sailing experience. Some dhows are decorated and made to look very pretty! Historians are divided as to whether the dhow was invented by Arabs or Indians. Its design, dependability, durability and safety has endured and dhows are still in commercial use up and down the Swahili coast.

Dhow Sailing has emerged as an appealing tourist attraction. It’s a traditional way of moving across the water that gives a slower and calmer journey, and a feeling of being more connected to nature. It makes for a mesmerizing experience that will take your stress away!


Locations for Dhow Sailing in Zanzibar

Dhow Sailing is one of the most relaxing activities for tourists in Zanzibar. Some of the more popular dhow sailing destinations include the following:



Ras Fumba is located at the southern coast of Zanzibar. Since it’s close to Menai Bay, you’ll get to sight lots of dolphins as well on your dhow cruise!


Stone Town

Stone Town is situated on the western side of Zanzibar. Due to the large influx of tourists here, activities such as dhow sailing are well developed.


Nungwi Beach

Covering the northern Zanzibar coast, Nungwi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. Dhow sailing in Nungwi offers charming views.


Safar Blue’s Dhow Sailing Tour

Safari Blue has established itself as a tourist’s preferred option for dhow sailing. Offering one of the most comprehensive tours available, Safari Blue’s tour has everything covered!

The journey starts at Fumba in the morning. First, you visit the sandbanks. Then, you get to snorkel in beautiful reefs and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

After that, the dhows reach Kwale Island where you’re served with the most delicious seafood. Following lunch, you can try a variety of exotic seafood. While you’re there, explore the island’s topography, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

After you’re back from Kwale Island, you can travel on the Ngalawa further into the ocean, or come back to Fumba on the dhows, with the lateen sail raised.

Safari Blue also offers visits to mangrove lagoons, where you can experience all the peace and tranquility that the world has to offer. Private charters are also available if you want some extra privacy! What a great honeymoon experience would it be, right?


The Sunset Experience

A true dhow sailing experience is incomplete without the few moments of ecstasy offered by spellbinding sunset views. These few moments, stolen from the heavens themselves, create a romantic atmosphere. It’s a great experience for honeymooners to embark on!


So, what are you waiting for? Visit Zanzibar and enjoy the amazing Dhow sailing experience that it has to offer!

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