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Dive and snorkel Zanzibar’s east coast, which features several dive sites where you can explore the underwater world and swim with marine species found in the Indian Ocean. Mnemba Atoll is one of the top diving sites and a renowned conservation area on the island. It’s home to an array of tropical species including green turtles, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, humpback whales, a variety of coral reef fish species and many other remarkable marine species.

Our Rates Per Person
Snorkelling $25.00
Single Dive Plus Snorkelling $75.00
Refresher In The Pool $40.00
Double Dive (1 Day) $120.00
Four Dive Package (2 Days) $230.00
Six Dive Package (3 Days) $340.00
Eight Dive Package (4 Days) $450.00
Ten Dive Package (5 Days) $560.00
NB: Surcharge Kizimkazi USD 20 & Mnemba Island USD 50

Soft gear equipment is included in the price (mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuits). Snacks, fruits and drink are provided on the boat.

Dive & Snorkel Trips

The Dos and Don’ts of Exploring Under Water

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, we offer a fun, safe and satisfying diving experience at Big Ocean. Our dive crew knows the most spectacular dive sites on Zanzibar Island and they will show you around when you join our guided dive trips. During our dive trips, we see a wide range of marine species including sharks and turtles. Our crew members are trained to cater for every level of divers and we pair our customers with compatible divers. We usually send a small group of divers with a guide to ensure they discover more marine life.

You can join us for a snorkeling trip if you are not interested in diving. Get enthralled by the colours and variety found in the crystal-clear ocean waters. Our team of qualified dive staff supervises our snorkeler to ensure they get the most from their trip to Zanzibar.
As a well-established company, we deliver quality dive experience and we ensure that every trip is safe and enjoyable.

Dive Sites

Zanzibar is a popular tropical holiday destination renowned for its picturesque beaches and superb locality. The island features an array of dive sites for scuba diving vacations or diving tours. The northeast coast of the island features top dive sites that are spectacular and well-known for its coral reef fish species and a wide range of underwater species.

The top dive sites include the following:

Nungwi Dive Sites

Nungwi is one of Zanzibar’s largest settlements and it features a golden sandy beach, which is one of the perfect diving sites on the island. Nungwi features several dive sites for amazing diving tours and snorkeling trips.

Magic Reef
  • Depth: 12-20m
  • Current: mild to strong

It’s a fantastic dive site for photography. You’ll get up and close with marine species such as colourful leaf fish, mantis shrimp, seahorses, Mauritius scorpion, crocodile fish, turtles, octopuses, moral eels, and Nudibranchs.

Tumbatu Island
  • Depth: 3-12m
  • Current: mild

It’s one of the best coral areas you will find in North Zanzibar. It features three main dive sites and they are Mwana, Shetani, and Popabawa. These dive sites are well-known for their spectacular and flourishing coral reefs. It’s a great place for beginner divers and snorkelers. The dive site features many marine species including octopuses, moral eels, leaf fish, turtles, and Nudibranchs.

Nankiville & Hunga
  • Depth: 12-16m
  • Current: mild

Nankiville and Hunga are two of the top dive sites in Nungwi with great visibility. The two dives are located next to each other, covered with colourful corals. You will find marine species like unicorns, barracuda, sweet lips, napoleons, crocodile fish and scorpion fish.

  • Depth: 8-18m
  • Current: mild

This dive site features a range of soft corals, brain corals and plate corals with a variety of tropical fish. You will find blue spotted rays, stingrays, and guitarfish. At the end of the reef, you will find several turtles.

Leven Bank
  • Depth: 12-55m
  • Current: mild to strong

Leven Bank is home to a variety of corals, and it’s one of the top dive sites on the island. It’s one of the best places for game fishing and you’ll certainly find several fish species such as tuna, kingfish, shoals of barracuda, sting rays and trevally. You can spot the humpback Whales between August and September.

Mnemba Dive Sites

Mnemba is well-known for its variety of corals, several critters, and some big animals. Mnemba Atoll lies off the northern tip of Zanzibar and attracts many divers every now and then. The atoll is pear-shaped and measures about 15 sq km. It’s a conversation one with impressive marine life and shallow dives.

  • Depth: 6-30m
  • Current: strong

It’s one of the best dive sites in Mnemba and it’s an amazing dive site for both experienced divers and beginners. It features coral blocks filled with a variety of colourful marine species. You’ll find many tropical fish species including angel fish, octopuses, blue spotted rays, groupers, stone fish, scorpion fish, black snappers, red tooth triggers, flounders and leaf fish. Its sandy area features several Garden Eels feeding on the plankton.

  • Depth: 2-30m
  • Current: mild to strong

Kichuani is a perfect site for experienced divers and snorkelers as well as beginners. The dive site boasts a wide variety of corals and many fish species such as sergeant fish, snappers, and Moorish idols. You will also encounter dolphins, groupers, and white tip reef sharks.

Big Wall
  • Depth: 18-55m
  • Current: strong

Located in an open ocean, at the east side of Mnemba Atoll, Big Wall is an ideal dive site for advanced divers due to its depth. You will find several marine species here such as rainbow runners, tunas, green turtles, lobsters, groupers, rays and napoleons.